About Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca, the owner and founder of Mind Cultivation.

It took me a degree in business psychology and 15 years experience in organisational development and culture change roles across a diverse range of industries around Australia, to finally understand what it was about each of these experiences that always inspired and energised me.

And once I did, the idea for Mind Cultivation was born!

I believe that creating positive change is all about building trusting relationships, taking a holistic view of people and the systems they operate in, and facilitating sustainable transformation.

My approaches are deeply rooted in positive psychology and guided by genuine respect for my clients, their autonomy and rich life experience.

As my client, I am committed to empowering you to:

  • own and realise your unique strengths, core values and full potential in your professional and personal life.
  • create a new mindset that unlocks greater fulfilment and authenticity, increased wellbeing and higher performance levels.
  • leave behind entrenched and fixed beliefs which no longer serve you, and develop more powerful and positive narratives instead.

But enough about me.

What is your jam? your secret sauce? your superpower?

I’d love the opportunity to discover together everything good, strong and positive that is already present in you; and to develop a strategy for how you can use these unique resources and attributes to build the joyful, fully engaged and rich life that is already waiting for you.

Are you ready to start your own journey?

You can read more about the real-world ways coaching can help you on a personal and professional level, and at an organisational level.