The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself.

— David Goggins

Now that you are here, let me ask you a question: How do you speak to yourself? And how does your inner dialogue impact on your work, your interactions with others, and your overall wellbeing?

I invite you to take a moment to reflect on this: The words and perspective you choose in private conversation with yourself will shape how you think and feel about your life, the goals you set for yourself, the meaning you assign to events and situations, the stories you tell and the ones you believe are safer to hide, the way you approach relationships, and what choices you end up making in your life – both big and small.

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What’s the problem?

The challenge is that most of the time, we are not aware we have this internal conversation at all. We may become so used to our inner voice, the ongoing narration of our life as it happens, that we become oblivious of its impact on our behaviour and the decisions we make, both big and small. Over time, a constantly harsh and unforgiving inner voice can undermine our resilience, wellbeing and confidence.

What can you do about it?

Tuning into your inner speech, understanding how you perceive and interpret events, how your mindset shapes your approaches to decision-making in your career and your personal life, is the first step towards taking control. Truly meeting yourself means to understand who you are – your strengths, core values, habits, beliefs, expectations, priorities, wants and needs. Meeting yourself is the foundation for living an authentic, intentional, and purposeful life. I encourage you to consider this meeting as the greatest investment you can make in your life!

Mind Cultivation can help you develop more growth-oriented and compassionate conversations with yourself, so that you can create a more fulfilled and joyful life for yourself and engage in meaningful relationships with others.

The relationship you have with yourself, sets the tone for every other relationship in your life.

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